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The problem many parents and children in the US now face is the closing of music programs in the schools and the high cost of musical instruments.  There are more underprivileged children than ever before, we want to help these kids play a musical instrument and we need your help.  The instruments we provide are at no cost to the student, parent or guardian and all they need to do is show a real interest in playing an instrument and we will do all we can to get them that instrument. Just go to our support us page and donate what you can… thanks you for the bottom of our hearts.

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*We are sad to announce the passing of Board Member David Stanton from Cancer he will truly be missed. In his honor we are providing several new clarinet students with the “David Stanton Clarinet Award”. David was a very good clarinet player and played in the Hollywood Clarinet Quartet with me.


We are very happy to welcome Larry Williams Sr. to our Board of Directors as our new Educational Director.  Larry brings a lifetime of being an educator and has won many awards.

Al Rice: *We are very happy to welcome Al Rice to the Board of Advisors.. He resume is outstanding and his knowledge of the history of instruments is astounding.
Al Rice: Click here to learn More about AL
AL Rice Reference Materials

A short view of organizations we have provided musical instruments to:

Young Artist Series Band Instruments available through the foundation:
Count Basie Young Artist Series Band Instruments
Kenny G Young Artist Series Alto Saxophones

*To purchase instruments that will benefit the Rheuben Allen Education Foundation please visit: www.rheubenallen.com

Rheuben Downloads is where students can find studies and exercises to download at no charge.

Rheuben Allen Education Foundation
Our mission is to enrich, balance and advance the lives of impoverished kids (K-12) through music.  RAEF donates brand new traditional instruments to foundations, schools, churches, organizations and individuals who demonstrate a need for and commitment to playing and/or teaching the instrument(s).  RAEF also provides quality music education videos and master classes by iconic players and educators that relate to music, playing musical instruments and instrument maintenance.

Links to Music for Students, Young Bands & Orchestras: Including Exercise and Duet books:

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