Contact Us for Students and Non-Profits

I have paid for form programs, donation programs and they do not work… So just download ther questions on this page and email me the answers to apply to work with the Rheuben Allen Education Foundation
I will return your email as soon as possible.
It is our goal to work with groups that are interested in teaching young people to play musical instruments:  Churches, Private Schools and After School Programs… if you do not have all of the information please fill out the forms as best possible and send them…..  I will return your email……

Email Address: or call at: 818-985-9846

Non-Profit Application

Non-Profit Name

EIN, IRS Non-Profit Tax Exempt No., State Tax Exempt No. Type of group – Corporation, DBA etc.

Contact Person’s Name & email address

Complete Name and address of the Non-Profit

Mission Statement

Tell us how you would like to work with RAEF and what we can do for your Non-Profit

Foundations Yearly budget.




Student Application

Student’s Name

What instrument would you like to play?

Age, Grade in School & Name of School

Parent or guardian’s name and address

Do you play an Instrument? If so what instrument and how long have you played the instrument

What kind of music do you like?