Cynthia Kelley

Cynthia Kelley is the owner of Flutacious the West Coast Flute Specialty Shop and one of Los Angeles premier flute repair persons.

Banner 5-700x396Flutacious! is a family-owned Flute dealer and repair service based in Los Angeles, California.  We carry nearly every quality brand of new Flutes, Piccolos, Alto Flutes and Bass Flutes.  We also buy, sell and consign preowned instruments, and we will be annoyingly straightforward with you about your instrument’s chances of selling!  Flutacious! happily overhauls Flutes, Piccolos, Altos and Basses, and just to be thorough, we carry a (reasonably!) full line of Flute accessories.

All owners and employees of Flutacious! are professional or amateur musicians.  Between us, we perform on the violin, flute (and there are several flutists!!  Who actually get along….), oboe, piano and French horn.  Though as you might expect, most of us are indeed Flutists.

Cynthia along with her husband Daniel own Last Resort Music Publishing, Inc.