RAEF Donations Made


RAEF Donations Made by the Rheuben Allen Education Foundation to groups and individuals. We do not always work with the same organizations again, it is our goal to help as many kids as possible in many different areas of the world.  We donate a lot of instruments to groups and we have just listed a few.

William Grant Stills Arts Center: Los Angeles
Donated 40 recorders. 30 trumpet mouthpieces, 20 clarinet mouthpieces, ligatures & caps.  Loaned 10 clarinets and 13 trumpets for Summer Classes.

The Heatwave Boys & Girls Club Band 36 band instruments including: alto, tenor saxophones and a Low A baritone sax, trumpets, clarinets, flutes, piccolos, curved soprano.

Heatwave wp 1







Braille Institute received 57 different instruments form guitars, drum pads, Ukuleles and many more.









Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada had a young man with cancer and we gave him a professional soprano sax.
Conrad O. Johnson Music & Fine Arts Foundation received over a long period several saxophones for us. We host the “Soul of Sax” Award for the foundation.

CJ-CW Wp 1








Haiti Project we gave them saxophones & trumpets
HAiti Wp 1







Cal State Long Beach CA we gave them 75 recorders for a homeless children’s summer camp.

We also help other Non-Profit Organizations with instruments to help with their fundraising.
The George Lopez Foundation
Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation

Palos Verdes Symphonic Band Community Outreach Program and we have given several instruments to help the band and a video of the “Christmas Concert contest” can be seen on The Palos Verdes Symphonic Band page on this site under Projects.






Christmas Concert Contest
2014 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sow0RYwyGgs

Disneyland Alumni Club:
We donated the very fist Count Basie Trumpet ever made to the Disneyland Alumni Club for their silent auction at their Gala Event Celebration 60 years of Disneyland.

A Few Individual Students: In order to protect the children we do not list their full names or any other information about where they are located. Only the state and first name!

Jeff is a college student majoring in music and could not afford the instruments he need for his college program. Rheuben Allen Series8Low A Baritone Saxophone

Joe is a young student in Washington State, his mother is deployed as a Army nurse.
Rheuben Allen Series4 Alto Saxophone

Karla is a young clarinet player in Indiana and we gave her a Paris Master Model ABS Clarinet.

Avi – Rheuben Allen Series 4 Alto Saxophone a California Student

Hulices is a college student in California majoring in music.
Rheuben Allen Professional Series8 Alto Saxophone

*We have donated about 50 more instruments to individual students but feel it is not important to list all the names!