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Study of Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone – Bill Withers

Posted 4.24.16 Study of "Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone": What we are going to do in this study is hear many different artist play "Ain't No Sunshine When She"s Gone by Bill Withers I am going to start with Hill Withers: Bill Withers - Ain't No Sunshine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIdIqbv7SPo You must click Read More to view YouTube video

When should I start playing another instrument?

When should I start playing another instrument? Original Question? If I already play clarinet when should I start playing saxophone?   This is a question best answered by your band director or private teacher. You should have a good foundation on the clarinet before adding saxophone. When you start playing a second instrument the first instrument will suffer for a little while you are getting use to playing more than on instrument. So your foundation on the first instrument must be strong so it will not suffer in the long run. Also we start playing another instrument (Saxophone) because we like it and sometimes loose a little ...

“Movement of Sound” what does it mean?

  “Movement of Sound” what does it mean? Most of us do not know or use the term “Movement of Sound”. It is a simple term for how to make one note on a wind instrument go to another note without having space or time between the notes. How do I do this you ask? You fill the instrument with air and let the fingers change the note not the air change the note. There is the same time and finger movement when going between two whole notes or two thirty second notes. When it is time to change notes the fingers must move as fast as possible to move to the next note smoothly. Finger movement must be crisp and even when going from note to ...

Play Long Tones Everyday!

Play Long Tones Everyday! I know most of us do not like to play long tones, they seem to be boring. Well they are one of the best things we can do to develop many parts of our playing. Playing Long Tones Everyday! Helps us to set the embouchure for the rest of the days playing. When we play long tones in the lower register of an instrument we set the way the embouchure feels to us without being tight. If we start off playing high notes we tend to tighten the embouchure and it is hard to relax the embouchure later in the playing day.   Playing Long Tones Everyday! Helps us to listen to our tone and make sure it is want we want to come ...

It is important to listen to good music.

It is important to listen to good music. If you want to play classical violin then you should listen to the great classical violin soloist. If you want to play jazz then it is important to listen to all types of jazz to find the style you like. Dixieland, Cool School, Be Bop, Modern Jazz and what is going on today. If you are a saxophone player and want to play Jazz listen to all the great jazz saxophonist. Charlie Parker, Cannonball Adderely, John Coltrane, Lee Konitz, Paul Desmond, Stan Getz, Johnny Hodges and the list goes on and on. Listen for the sound you like, the style they play and how their solos differ from the other great saxophonist....

Download Free Studies and Exercises

Download Free Studies and Exercises I would like to remind you again that we have many Free Studies and Exercises that you can download from this site. On the home page there is a place to click on and go to www.rheubendownloads.com and everything on this site is Free to Download.

Lanny Morgan on Advisory Board

  Lanny Morgan on Advisory Board We are very happy to have the great Jazz Alto Saxophonist Lenny Morgan as a new member of our Advisory Board. Lanny has played with SuperSax, Maynard Ferguson, Si Zentner, Bob Florence, Bill Holman, Natlie Cole and countless jazz greats. Shortly in our education sheet music free downloads we will have “Lanny’s Licks” his book of jazz studies and patterns. Lanny has very graciously donated this book to help young musicians learn Jazz concepts. Learn more about Lanny at:  http://www.lannymorgan.com/

Studies and Exercises

Studies and Exercises are available on this site at no charge to the teacher or student.  We provide these exercises as part of our on going educational projects to bring instruments, studies and videos to the students that otherwise might not be able to get them.  All exercises are used by permission and are not for sale.