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“Participation in an engaging music program,” may “increase a child’s overall motivation to learn.” That motivation is especially important for low-income students who may be at a higher risk of dropping out of school.

Ernie field playing tenor sax
We want to welcome Ernie Fields Jr. to the Board of directors of the Rheuben Allen Music Education Foundation….
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What is the Rheuben Allen Music Education Foundation doing now? Well in addition to providing over 500 plus instruments to young people. We are working with the New Testament Church in Los Angeles to start recorder and clarinet classes at the church. Robert Hendricks is working with the Los Angeles foster kids to help get them interested in play a musical instrument. The church has a great building, provides a safe environment for the kids and teachers for the classes. The Rheuben Allen Music Education Foundation provides the instruments at no charge to the church, student, parent or guardian. All the kids need to do is show up!

Click here to download free exercises, fingering charts, scales and more. http://www.rheubendownloads.com