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As you know Nonprofits relay on donations from people like you that understand what we are trying to do…. We are not looking for people to donate a lot at once but for people that believe in what we are doing to donate a little each month… if we get a lot of people donating $10 or $20 a month then we can do a lot of good things for the deserving young people in the world…  not only have we donated instruments to many other nonprofits and individual students but we have donated to churches around the world… Haiti, The Czech Republic, Canada.. in this time of great turmoil if we can do a little to help the world be a better place for young people then a lot of us doing a little can do a lot…..
Again, I know you have many nonprofits and others wanting your money… that is why we only want a little….
Even a onetime $20 or $10 would be a great help to us….
May God bless you for your consideration….. thanks ..
Rheuben Allen

“Participation in an engaging music program,” may “increase a child’s overall motivation to learn.” That motivation is especially important for low-income students who may be at a higher risk of dropping out of school.

What is the Rheuben Allen Music Education Foundation doing now? Well in addition to providing over 500 plus instruments to young people. We are working with the New Testament Church in Los Angeles to start recorder and clarinet classes at the church. Robert Hendricks is working with the Los Angeles foster kids to help get them interested in play a musical instrument. The church has a great building, provides a safe environment for the kids and teachers for the classes. The Rheuben Allen Music Education Foundation provides the instruments at no charge to the church, student, parent or guardian. All the kids need to do is show up!

Happy Holidays from the Conrad Johnson Foundation

Of course we need you help

it goes without saying all nonprofits need help from the outside…. we are no exception….. any amount you can donate will help us introduce the joy of paying a musical instrument to a young person…..No one that works for RAMEF takes any money… that includes me Rheuben…. I pay for the rent, utilities etc. all […]

Music & Language Skills

Language skills Studies also show that young children who participate in music classes have improved speech development and learn to read more easily. Learning music helps to develop the left side of the brain (related to language and reasoning), assists with sound recognition, and teaches rhythm and rhyme.


Practice #1 It is important to practice some everyday…. 2 hours on Saturday and none on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday does not really help you learn and instrument…. your embouchure forgets things, you forget things and you cannot build the ability to play for any length of time. *Technique is not an option… if you […]