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How to divide practice time

How do I divide my practice time? Program No. 1

Let’s say you are going to practice for one hour….

1st five minutes do long tones… listen to your tone!

2nd 10 minutes of scales, thirds etc.  You should concentrate on one scale a day.

3rd 15 minutes on music you need to learn for a project. Concert Band, Solo etc.

4th 15 minutes Learning something new

5th 15 minutes playing something you have fun with….

You Can always set the amount of time you spend on any one thing yourself this is just a guideline.

*There is never a need to practice fast only correctly!  Every time you miss a note it takes a lot of times playing a passage right to get the mistake out of our mind and fingers.

*Keep in mind it is very important to listen to everything that come out of your instrument.

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