Ernie Fields Jr. New Board Member of RAEF

Ernie is the newest member of the Board of Directors for the Rheuben Allen Music Education Foundation. I am very happy to call him my friend. Ernie has donated over $30,000.00 worth of instruments to local Non-Profits through RAEF. Ernie has shown a great love for getting young people to play acoustic musical instruments….

The Board Members of RAEF are very proud to have Erine on board…..

Short Bio:

Ernie Fields Jr. is a saxophonist, Los Angeles Session Musician and Music Contractor. Owner of Jade Sound in Los Angeles.

Son of notable musician Ernie Fields Sr., he has worked with blues, soul and funk artists including B.B. King, Bobby Blue Bland, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Rick James and Marvin Gay. 

He graduated from Booker T. Washington High School  in 1951 and then attended Howard University , playing with his father’s band during breaks. In the 1990s he began touring with trombonist Fred Wesley,  playing bagpipes as well as saxophone.

He wrote the score for the 1978 film Disco Godfather

On April 6, 2010 episode of American Idol, Fields played the Didgerridoo during Chrystal Boxersox’s  performance of the Lennon-McCartney  composition :come Together”.

Ernie Fields Jr. is music contractor for American IdolThe Voice, and X Factor. Owner of Jade Sound in Los Angeles.

Ernie field playing tenor sax
Ernie in one of his many live performances

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