Practice #1

It is important to practice some everyday…. 2 hours on Saturday and none on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday does not really help you learn and instrument…. your embouchure forgets things, you forget things and you cannot build the ability to play for any length of time.

*Technique is not an option… if you can’t play the notes .. well, you can’t play the music…

When we practice we practice to learn the instrument first, develop the technique of how to play, learn what your instrument needs for each note to be correct…  I often hear people playing and trying to play fast when they are practicing….  If you are alone in a room who are you trying to impress?  I guess yourself!  There is never a reason to practice fast only correctly… if you practice slowly and never make a mistake then you will only have good and correct patterns in your mind and fingers….. it takes a lot of times to play a pattern and get rid of mistakes… avoid this by practicing correctly and slowly.

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