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Tea Kittle Reg. Pip

Tales of a Woodwind Repairman 7.9.20: This is what was called the “Tea Kittle” register tube that Selmer had for a while…. It had two holes in the register pip.. both oblong… this really helped clear up the A above the staff on both altos and tenors… really good for the tenor…. I do not know how many saxophones they made with this register pip but the ones I have played really seemed to work great….

tea kittle reg. pip
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Private lessons

Why should we take private lessons? It is very simple… if you have a good teacher they can show you short cuts to becoming a better player…. they have experience, they have played a lot and they are older… I am not saying you couldn’t learn these things by yourself…. but a good teacher can get you there faster……

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“Cip” as he is known is the longest living woodwind player in the Los Angeles studio business… he is of course a legend here in LA… and I think most of the world…. he plays everyting, he is the nicest guy and he is a lot of fun to hang with…. it is his Birthday and in good taste I will not tell you how old he is… just to say he is one of the few peopleI know that is older than me!

Cip Tom R. Photo
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Lanny’s Licks

Lanny’s Licks are by the Jazz Legend Saxophonist Lanny Morgan… Lanny has donated these beginning patterns to the Rheuben Allen Music Education Foundation for educational use…. NOT FOR SALE!.. Please feel free to download for students at no cost to the teachers or students…

Lanny's Licks #1
Lanny's Licks #1-pg2