How is the money spent you donate?

The Rheuben Allen Music Education Foundation is a very small organization. I started it to help young people play music….

As a young person I was very over weight and made fun of a lot… my self-esteem was very low… my father got me a clarinet and when I became the first clarinet player in the band I started to realize I was able to do things… I could do something the kids that were making fun of me could not do…. So, I know how much music can mean to a young person….

I am now 75 years old and have been in the music business most of my life… I started RAEF to give something back….

I personally pay all the business expenses (Rent, Utilities, Insurance, website etc.) for RAEF out of my pocket so all the money donated goes to purchasing instruments for young people… the only other expense that comes out of the donations is the shipping of the instruments…
So, you see your donations go directly to help young people play music….
All Executive Board and Advisory Members donate their time and do not take any money… Everyone here is here to help deserving young people…
*As we expand there may need to be some other expenses paid by the fondation but for now there are not….

*The other thing I bring to the table is that I am the manufacturer of most of the instruments and RAEF gets the instruments at my cost… this means we can give a lot more instruments to young people, for our dollars, than other foundations that purchase from a middle man and/or other manufacturers….

Instruments that I design and make include: Kenny G Saxophones and Accessories, Rheuben Allen® Woodwinds and Accessories, Paris Master Model® Woodwinds, AV Prestige® Clarinets and Accessories, ZephyrWinds® Brass just to mention a few…..

Thanks you for your support…..
Rheuben A. Allen CEO/CFO