We are a small Nonprofit and have LIMITED funds and instruments… So, there are different ways we work with other Nonprofits… the Nonprofit must be registered with the IRS and provide their EIN no. and any other information necessary to qualify…
*The Nonprofit must be in need of instruments and provide us with necessary information… it is our goal to work with Nonprofits that need our help…. Million-dollar Nonprofits need not apply!
*Our By Laws allow us to give money to other Nonprofits… we only provide instruments to deserving underprivileged students.

1. Organizations that provide teaching to young people… organization must be in need of what we offer….

2. To provide instruments for Fundraising (LIMITED to 1 Instrument per year) The foundation must link to our website.

If your Nonprofit fits into our programs please fill out the application….

The instruments we provide are manufactured and designed by me Rheuben Allen for the most part… I control the quality and keep it as high as I possibly can…

The students we provide instruments for are as follows:

Primary Students:

Young People that already play a musical instrument.
Young People that want to start playing a musical instrtument.

Advanced Students:

We do offer a very LIMITED amount of professional instruments to students that show a real interest and dedication to  playing and are looking to go for higher education… Each student is evaluated on a one on one basis…

*We also work with many Retail Business that can provide deserving students with great prices on instruments we do not make…..

As usual I spent many hours setting up forms and of course they do not work… they want me to up grade and pay more for them to work… Do not use WPforms…..