Here are some of the things Rheuben and other Non-Profits have done… and many of them were fun!

Haiti, Panther
We donate worldwide
New Testrament Church Banner
The New Testament Church is providing many young musicians a place to learn music….
Chinese kids in English class
While I lived in China I sort of taught an English class…. It was mostly just listening to them ask me how old I was……
English student in one of my T-Shirt designs
This is one of the English students in a T-Shirt I designed… my shirts are all over the world
Transportation in China
This was my transportation around the factory in China… nothing but the best for me…… it was a lot of fun to drive… could not take it on the main streets….
Inter-change-a-bore claronet barrel
This is a clarinet barrel that my friend BOB MALONE now with YAMAHA designed and invented. It makes the clarinet play better. it is more responsive in the soft volumes……