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Pastor Robert Hendricks

Pastor Robert comes from a family of thirteen – nine sisters and three brothers (his oldest brother died in the 60’s following a motorcycle accident).  Born on December 7, 1956 in Compton, California, he is a victor of multiple childhood challenges which included having an alcoholic father, sexual molestation at the age of eleven, and health complications.  These challenges worked for the benefit in his adult life.

In 1973, Pastor Robert acknowledged that he was a sinner (Romans 3:23), that he did not want to be separated from God (Romans 6:23), that Jesus died so he could have eternal life (John 3:16), and that Jesus was waiting to come into his life (Revelation 3:20).  In his bedroom, one Friday night, he asked Christ to come into his life. 

In 1973Pastor Robert Hendricks began his high school education at Long Beach Polytechnic High School. His high school experience proved to be one of the highlights of his life (and he is so proud to be a “Rabbit!”). He graduated from Long Beach Poly High with honors and scholarships in 1976.

He continued his education and earned a B.S. in Social Work at California State University, Long Beach, 1n 1983.

Before graduating from college, he met the love of his life and wife of 38 years. They married August 1, 1981. Coco (short for Colleen) and Pastor Robert are the proud parents of two sons Adam (Dominique), Tyler, and grandparents of Lyric.

Before him becoming a full-time Pastor, He worked at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center, as a Medical Social Worker in the Home Health Department for 13 years, and remained affiliated with the Medical Center, serving as a Hospice Chaplain for several years.

Pastor Robert was called into the ministry in 1981, where he preached his first sermon at New Hope Church of Christ (Holiness), USA in Long Beach, California.  It was in the 80’s that Pastor Robert met Dr. John Plummer, Jr., the organizer of New Testament Church – a Godly man who became his Pastor and mentor.  He would eventually serve as the Youth minister under Pastor Plummer until February 1993, when God called Pastor Plummer to his “Heavenly Home.”

He served as interim pastor of New Testament from the time of Pastor Plummer’s death until a new pastor was installed.  Shortly after the new pastor was installed, he and his family made a transition from New Testament Church to Christ Temple Church of Christ (Holiness), USA in Los Angeles, where he served as the Assistant Pastor until October 1998.

Through acts of circumstances and the providence of God, Pastor Robert returned to New Testament in October 1998 (many supernatural things took place during those five years away and are highlighted in his book, “From a Cry  to a Shout”).  He came back to New Testament, as Interim Pastor, appointed by Bishop Robert L. Winn, the Presiding Officer.  Later, he was selected as Pastor where he now serves full time for the glory of God

He and wife (Colleen) have provided spiritual insight/counseling for couples before and after marriage for nearly 20 years.    

He was awarded the M.R. Conic Pastoral Leadership Award for Excellence in Community Service in 2007, and 2014

He is the author of From a Cry to a Shout, Word Association Publishers.

He is the Founder of Cry Heard Support Inc., whose scope is to provide support and resources for those who have been victims of sexual abuse, human trafficking, and those desiring deliverance from sexual addiction.Pastor Robert is a Certified Sexual Assault Crisis Advocate.